Helping Clients Navigate Through the Complex Political Maze 

The government has the power to shape the business environment and directly impact your company’s investment and business strategy. Managing this risk becomes a lot easier with an informed, connected, and competitive voice that knows your business working on your behalf. Let D. Morgan & Partners be that voice. We leverage our proximity to directly and regularly communicate with decision makers, our honed judgment to deftly position our client issues for success, and our uncompromisable integrity to win in the right way.


Our Expertise


  Political System

Understanding how our client’s issues fit within the larger legislative or regulatory framework; the constituent and interest group pressures impacting decision-making; and when, where and how to engage to get the best outcome.


Private Sector

Understanding our client's business objectives, P&L drivers, competitive pressures, legal, financial and brand risk exposure, and the corresponding opportunities and threats from the political system posed to each.

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 Identifying lawmakers, staff and external stakeholders influencing the process and decision-making, and knowing the best course of action to effectively engage each party.


We specialize in developing and implementing advocacy and communication strategies relating to a host of issues including tax, Public-private-partnerships, financial regulations, and media and tech market transformation, as well as helping clients build relationships and secure useful intelligence in support of their overall business strategies.


Our Services

  • Wrap-around representation before Congress and Executive Branch
  • Business and political strategy consulting
  • Public-private-partnerships political risk assessment
  • Coalition engagement, development and management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Public affairs support 
  • Grassroots and grass-tops campaign development and execution
  • PAC strategy and management 

Our Partnerships


Republicans and Democrats in the 100 poorest districts united by interest

As a bipartisan, majority-minority owned firm composed of David Morgan, Sam Geduldig, Jennifer Stewart, Jim Terry, Joe Velazquez, and Michael Williams, the United By Interest team reflects the diversity of perspectives and priorities in America today. Working together we are uniquely able to understand and navigate competing viewpoints to build non-traditional coalitions that bridge the divide between polarization and legislative compromise.  Learn more